For each excel row - Studio

I have a process to read from an excel row and create an entry on a website.
I used For each excel row but the process after finished it uses the same row to create the entry, what am i missing so it goes into the next row?



As per the screenshot i could see that the range is hardcoded in the in range field of for each excel row. could you please elaborate what you are trying to achieve. it would help every one to understand the issue. thanks.

Thanks a lot!
so i have an excel sheet with rows with customers/product in rows to create an order on a website, one row per customer/product. they are unique.
so the process runs and creates the order for the first row, then when i starts to create the next order, i need to read from the next row on the excel file, but it keeps reading the current row

Ok. Thanks for the info. In your case I assume excel should have lot of columns in that case don’t hard code the range please use the whole sheet to get the entire data from excel.

And also in the do section eg: use currentRow productid - need to select from excel- columnname.
CurrentRow customer name like etc. to get the product or customer information for that particular row. The for each excel row itself have capability to loop the data row by row.

I sense there should be some issue in the do section it triggering the issue.

Try above suggestions if still not working please share your sample work flow or screenshot of do section to troubleshoot further. Thanks.