Floating robots

I was trying to create Multiple Floating Robots to run a process in different machines from my machine in Orchestrator. But I am unable to connect to other machine.

The below steps I have followed
1- I have created one Machine Template
2- I have created two Floating Robots

  • I have created First Robot with my machine(Laptop/Desktop) details.
    Connected UIpath Robot with Machine key which has
    created from Machine Template.
  • I have created Second Robot with credentials of another
    Machine (Laptop/Desktop)
    I tried to connect the other machine by providing the same
    machine key. But it is not connecting. Showing Robot

All these process creating from Community Edition of Orchestrator.


Buddy floating robot main purpose is that it can connect to any machine but at the same if too many floating robots are created with its corresponding (different) domain\username mentioned respectively, and when we connect to the first machine, the machine template will get connected automatically to the floating robot that has this machine’s username and domain, mean while when we try to connect the next floating robot from its machine to the same machine template key we have, it wont get connected, because it got connected already to first machine and with its key, thats why it was showing robots not available. Still you may think why not…? we are left with one more robot right…?
no buddy they are floating robots without machine name…

If they are standard robot we would have mentioned the machine name with robot, so that when we get to the machine and mention the key we will get connected with robot as they are available for that machine in specific…

So this is the reason buddy


If you use a Floating Robot on multiple machines, you will need to sign off of that machine with the domain/user that is used with the Robot before the other Robot will become available. In a VM, to sign off, you press Ctrl+Alt+End - if you only disconnect, it will still be signed on and take up the robot.

If you are using Laptop/Desktops, then you can either sign off or disconnect the robot on that machine, so it isn’t being used.


I have created floating robot whats the next procedure?