Floating Robot

How to proceed with floating robot, I have created robot but it is disconnected

Hope this helps!!!

were you able to connect with standard robot?

Floating robot is for connecting different machines with a single orchestrator @KarthikBallary,

As I hope you are using community orchestrator, try provisioning the standard robot and remaining everything is same as in this video :slight_smile:

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so u mean community edition don’t have floating robot option?

@KarthikBallary, you can create a standardized BOT which will work for any machine and deploy. It will be called as floating BOT. It means the BOT does not required any specific configuration for executions.

Hi @KarthikBallary,

you can use floating bot by having the following irrespective of community or enterprise.

  1. A Non-Persistent VDI.
  2. Active Directory users.
  3. Attended bot.

Sukesh V

I have created floating robot but status is disconnected

We have option, but you need to connect it from other machines @KarthikBallary

can you pls tell it how?

Try installing studio and robot in any other machine and in the robot tray, connect the orchestrator URL and machine. @KarthikBallary

it is already installed
now I need to send my machine key to other machine?

please share the working of floating robot. not getting

I got to know about standard robot

I don’t find any video tutorials about floating robots @KarthikBallary . You can go through the documentation. I haven’t tried that till now :slight_smile:

documentation not helping

I haven’t tried it in any of my cases. sorry @KarthikBallary

ok how to add environment to floating robot

Similar to the standard robots, click on the environments tab, select manage and then add the robot to environment @KarthikBallary

Okay got it. but if other user clicks to run the job. It is getting failed. I have to run that by opening robot clicking on play. but vice versa not same situation

Hi @HareeshMR,

First, thank you for your answer!

I have one confusing thing.

  1. There is robot in platform.uipath.com.
  2. And a robot is to be installed in a computer where a UiPath Studio is installed, so the computer can be connected to the platform.uipath.com.

The robot in the number 2 above, to me, seems to have to do with the robot in the number 1. What is the robot in the number 2?

Thank you and your even short answer will be much appreciated!