Connect several users at different times in a floating robot?

Connect several users at different times in a floating robot.

Is your question, how do you connect multiple users on the same floating robot?

The robot needs to disconnect from the previous user before the next user gets connected to the robot. That means the user will need to either click on Disconnect on the UiRobot icon in bottom right corner OR they need to sign off of their user. Then, the other user will get connected to the robot automatically.

For example, I use a floating robot to connect to multiple servers, but I need to sign off from one server before the other server will connect to my robot. I hope that makes sense.



I have created a floating robot. which consists of only one user. I have disconnected my robot. but floating robot is still disconnected

Sometimes you need to open the UiRobot.exe on that user or click the icon in your Task bar bottom right corner in order to wake it up and connect.

If that doesn’t work, make sure you have the machine added in Orchestrator under Machines tab.

Hope that helps.