Floating Robots Question

Hey everyone! Question for the group think…

Is it possible to use a floating robot between different users? Or is it only for a singular user (Domain\Username) with different machine names?


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Yah a Floating robot works on any machine defined in Orchestrator
For example

In the floating scenario, you only need to define one machine template and n number of Floating Robots (one for each user).
We got a document on this

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Right. I get that it allows for different machines to be connected to a singular robot. What I am wondering is if it allows different domain\username can be different as well? Basically, what I want to see is if multiple people can share a robot

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Yah it is
Floating robot gets connected to the one which is active
We even got an example of it
Let’s say you have an environment with 8 users working on non-persistent virtual desktops. Machine allocation is done randomly, so one user can be allocated any of the available machines in the VDI.

  • In the standard scenario, you would have to define a Robot for each user/machine combination. For a VDI with 8 machines that means 64 Robots.
  • In the floating scenario, you only need to define one machine template and 8 Floating Robots (one for each user). The template persists across your entire VDI such that each of the users can connect to their Robots using one key, the Machine Template key.

Cheers @jamills

Right, I get how it works for VDI. What I am wondering is if it can be done with multiple people using different physical computers? They all have different domain\usernames (which is a field when creating the floating bot).

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@jamills Only an attended bot can be a floating bot. Only one user can use the bot at a time (who ever logs into the machine), it can be configured for multiple users though.

Yah of course the main purpose of floating robot is that only
That is if I have five users each with different domain and username who wants to run a process then we can create five different FLOATING robots with those domain and username

Usually floating robots won’t ask for which machine to run, that is while creating floating robots it won’t ask for machine name
Instead a MACHINE TEMPLATE is created instead of STANDARD MACHINE in machine tab
Where we will just mention the machine name

cheers @jamills

I have a similar scenario, where I have a need to use two different Robot Id’s on the same VDI (license). I was able to create two unattended robots in Orchestrator (2018.4.6) both with the same machine. I ran an automation on each robot on that same machine and they both ran successfully. I even ran both at the same time to ensure that Orchestrator would pend the second one while the first was running and it did.