Floating robot's session is already active on another machine

UiPath Studio has been working for me while I get through the training, but a couple of days ago it suddenly presented me with an error saying “The floating robot’s session is already active on ” - but, the referred to machine IS my computer!

I have tried deleting the machine in the DefaultTenant but it just recreates itself as workspace machine:

Wherever this floating robot is, I can’t find it anywhere to delete it. There’s an autogen bot in my list of robots but no submenu to delete it.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Having this same issue.

I have found a workaround by creating a robot in my default folder, and creating a new machine with my device’s name. Then I note down the machine key and my Orchestrator url (the address bar up to & including “\orchestrator_”).

Then I signed out of UiPath Assistant and UiPath Studio. Only once signed out can you click the dropdown in UiPath Assistant > Preferences > Orchestrator; then sign into UiPath Assistant using your machine key and Orchestrator url. This seems to mitigate the autogeneration of a bot and machine which is contributing to the issue.

Once this is done, I still don’t sign into UiPath Studio, but I can run it. I have a green light on the bot and can run processes, so I can carry on with the training, but I’m concerned about what will happen if I click the signin button in the top right.

I suspect my username between my email address (what I signed up with) and my device (has a different name on the network) present differently to UiPath, and so is contributing to the issue.

Thanks for the update Martin. I had tried something similar to this, but I didn’t sign out of Studio, maybe I will try that.

Any updates or fixes to this? I need to connect to orchestrator so the sign-out workaround is not ideal. Seems to be a new issue.

Just to clarify, the workaround doesn’t require you to be signed out of Orchestrator, only Studio and Assistant. When you logout of Studio, it might also try to log you out of Orchestrator, but you can sign back into Orchestrator while still staying signed out in Studio and Assistant. Using the workaround, Studio can still connect to Orchestrator, so packages can be published to orchestrator and will show up in the Assistant tray etc. Here is a screenshot to show that Studio is connected to Orchestrator, without me being signed in. I also have Orchestrator open in my browser and am able to use it fully. Hope this helps.