Autogen robot - how to delete

Orchestrator has automatically created a robot.
I think it is called an autogen robot.
this is showing as an error

only shown at the tenante level
automatically created
can’t delete it

how do I delete this robot

this is driving me a little mad !!!

Hi @hughabbott

Please go to the corresponding user under Users tab and uncheck this option.

Also check the Attended tab to avoid creating attended robots in a similar manner.


A massive thank-you to @RPAForEveryone !
( by the way, this is not documented anywhere else … so really appreciated )

That worked perfectly !!! :slight_smile:

But I have a couple of more questions

  1. how did you know about this problem / solution
  2. and why have UiPath set this as a default
  3. what is it good for ?
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Hey mate, you’re welcome. I am glad to be of assistance!

It is described in detail on the Managing Users page.
Although, I do see your point that it’s easy to miss if you’re looking at Robots tab, while the solution sits under Users tab.

  1. Experience/tinkering around :slight_smile:
  2. (and 3.) In my limited knowledge, I think the default setting is provided to make the floating-type machines, robots, etc to be easily provisioned at scale.
    Imagine a world where you’d need to manually create a robot for each user you provision. :wink:

What’s the fun in that! :smiley:
But that’s just what I think. There’s probably a better technical explanation for that.

Well thanks again - reall life-saver !

Much appreciated - and ready to return favours if I can.


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