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Hi, suppose I would like to buy a license for the base features of UiPath eg: an unattended bot and have it orchestrated in any platform either in automation cloud, automation suite or on-prem, Would I need to buy both the flex unattended bot and the flex automation developer?

would there be any additional or different license costs for the orchestrator based on how it is hosted? and what are the benefits of this flex plan when compared to the legacy options.


Few pointers for your questions

For details check the link …guidelines has the details that you require


About advantage of flex is all might not bw using all the features so get and pay only for what you use is the advantage



Hello @Kavi_Varun
License buy related queries can enquiry with UiPath sales team.

Hi, thanks for the info cleared up some misunderstandings I had, I did look into the site before but was a bit confused, I just have one more question which is if the orchestrator itself has any licensing cost apart from the cost of the unattended bot or the user cost, as I do not see a mention of it that I could find


As i beleive if you see the business rules column you see orchestrator service installer been given every where…it is available as is…and the orchestrator license changes depending on the license key you get…but the orchestrator does not cost any separate


Understood, Thanks for your help!!

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