License About Flex & On-Premises Plan

Hi Guys,
I would like to ask the compatibility about Flex vs on-premises plan. So Let’s say I have purchase
1 x Automation Developer (Name User)
2 x Unattended Robot (concurrent Runtime)

1 x Orchestrator (Standard)
UNDER On-Premises plan

And I would like to purchase a non-production robot for UAT. So If I purchase unattended robot under Flex Plan. Does it mean I need to use Automation Cloud to manage non-production robot & using Orchestrator (Standard) to manage those unattended robot?

Or I can use either one to manage both 2 unattended robots & non-production robot?


Although it might be different in each region, on-premise plan and flex plan cannot be mixed basically. In addition, if you are a new customer of UiPath, on-premise plan might not be able to purchased.
Perhaps you should contact reseller in your region in detail, I think.


OK, thanks @Yoichi.

So does it mean if I purchase Automation Developer(Studio) license under on-premise plan, I cannot deploy the flow/process to an unattended robot purchased under Flex Plan?

As the web stated that it can only be orchestrated with Cloud, Automation Suite, or Individual Products ([Windows installer]

Or doesn’t matter, as using studio to develop the flow then manually deploy the flow to Automation Cloud?


UiPath Studio can publish process (.nupkg) to local file system. And we can upload the .nupkg file to Orchestarator. So basicall it’s no problem if you have effective licenses.
Please note that if you use stand alone Studio, it might be difficult to develop process with function of orchestrator such as asset, queue etc.


Thanks @Yoichi

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