Finding elements from the multiple PDFs and perform activities depending upon elements

Hello, I have 4 types of invoices which were issued by 4 companies. All four invoices are different in nature i.e Invoice number, date , value etc. I would like to automate the extraction/ scarping of the invoice details and paste to the excel file with defined lables. I am able to open the invoice copies one by one which is saved in particular folder and it is identifying the company name however I am stuck in putting it in a proper workflow to identify the rest 3 company invoices.
Due to confidence data,I am not authorized to publish the data.

You should use different scrapping methods for each invoice type and then choose one by searching for some unique objects on the invoices. For example, company name. You can build a flowchart, which has one sequence defining what invoice type is it and then based on output of that sequence, choose a proper scrapping method.

If that is the case, you may want to use Anchors
Since it is an invoicing module, you may want to explore ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices. It has a machine learning capability and it will learn overtime where to locate the information you needed.

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Thanks for the suggestion @ Mariusz

Hi Jan, Thanks for the suggestion however I am not able to find it in the OCR categories. Hence, I am using the Anchor based technique. However, I am not able to get the desired results.

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Are those scanned invoices?

If it is not a scanned invoice, you may refer to this one: Data extraction from table
This is the invoice sample: companyAInvoice.pdf (40.7 KB)
Then you can add If statements on other invoice formats

Thanks Jan…for the quick reply. Let me check your solution.

Sure! No problem :slight_smile:

Hi Jan, As this is my first project on UiPath, its kind of confusing to me. I am able to get the company name through “Screen scrapping” tool and get it to the message box. However, I am unable to put it through a “loop/if condition” to get the correct company for the next activity. I am attaching the file for reference. Would be great if you give any pointers to get this correct.Main.xaml (35.1 KB)

Have you tried the solution that i gave?

Hi Jan, Thanks for reverting. I tried on the PDF (which you provided) to extract the details and I am able to get the invoice date, number etc however while doing the same activities on my PDFs, I am getting Blank message.

Yes. The code needs to be edited depending on the Invoice template you have.


Thanks…this works :slight_smile:
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