How to scrape same type of data values from 5 different invoice pdf

1). How to open the pdf file from the folder in the Adobe Reader X1 application.
2). How to extract the data’s separately like (Vendor Name , Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Due Date, Item, Price, Total) [Want to extract each data separately].
3). How to save those data in excel
4). How to Upload those value in another invoice which is in wave website.
These things should be done for 5 similar pdf invoice format.
I used anchor base but empty output is coming. I tried with find element and find image activity but no result.
I used pdf text with ocr but some generic values message is coming in the output.
Anyone can help me to solve this?

->Build datatable with required no of columns
->use For each with value as Directory.getFiles(“Your Folder Path”)

 1) Use PDF Read Text activity to get data from pdf files. 
  2) Use String manipulation to get required values.
 3) using add datarow activity to add extracted values to datatable

→ after for each write datatable to excel

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@Nivetha Refer this post and download zip file so you can get idea

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Thanks for quick reply. I will workout that let you know @Manjuts90

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Thanks you @indra. I’ll refer that.

It’s working good. Thank you so much.:star_struck:

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