Best Approach for Invoice Processing

I have a set of invoices that I want to extract data from. All having the same format. They are in pdf formats (made using images).

Can someone please suggest me the most suitable way of automating this process?

  • Tried using read pdf using OCR activity, but the result wasnt correct for all the pdfs.
  • Using Relative Screen Scrapping didnt gave the correct result for all PDFs. Images were NOT same in all the PDFs.

Pls guide.!

I am using the Community version. Looking for a stable solution (NOT preview Versions preferrably) where there is least chances of Client’s data getting saved anywhere else.

Guys! Can you please connect me to someone who could help? Would be a great help.

The below will extract invoice information, this particular flow uploads the extracted info into a queue for a human user to then validate via an attended robot

Thanks, Can we have a solution where human intervention is NOT required AT ALL?

Is this solution still in PREVIEW version?

yes you could skip that and just write the raw text to a file and format it using another process

These are Beta

You could try Rossum Elis if you google it there is a tutorial on how to integrate with UiPath

Is it free to use? Can I use this with Community version? Any restrictions on the number of pages to be automated or something?

For Rossum Elis, I suppose we would be saving data to the Rossum portal, is it?

You use it via an api, you upload then receive back the information, you can use community edition.

There is no technical difference between community and enterprise in what you can build etc, the actual difference is the support you receive from UiPath if you pay for enterprise.

Here is the tutorial