Different Vendor Invoices

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I have a multiple pdf invoices(different Vendor) placed in the folder. example: Here, BOT must read the invoice number, Date , amount , address(BillTo) from the pdf’s and enter it into the Excel.
attached different invoices screenshot FYI
Please help me out
Please any one guide me how to design the flow or please share the flow
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wordpress.pdf (42.6 KB)
Invoice 1.pdf (28.8 KB)
invoice_200136.pdf (15.2 KB)
646412-Mellicent-Ivoshin.pdf (46.6 KB)

Hi @Rohith_Shastri ,

Could you please inform us what method will you use for this case?
Extract text from PDF, OCR, etc.


Text from Pdf like Invoice number, date, address, total amount only these fields

Extract Text From Pdf

Extracted Data like Invoice number, Date, Address, Total Amount after extract store it into the excel

Hi @Rohith_Shastri ,

For this case you can use this step :

  1. Foreach all pdf file
  2. Use activity Text from PDF
  3. Get first line of the output no 2
  4. Using value no 3 you can use switch activity to determine whic template invoice will be process
  5. Based on no 4, create several case for all template.
  6. In specific case you can Regular Expression to get the value from specific field.

Please take a look from this post :


Could you please send the complete flow by using above pdf