Finding an element takes too much time

I am using Click activity on an element on IE browser, and this takes 5-10 seconds, which is way too slow. Is there any way to make UiPath find the specific element faster?

On the browser there is a HTML table with 1000+ rows. Each row’s selector is almost the same, but each has a unique row number, so I am using this row number to click on a specific row I want to click.

The rows with a smaller row number like the first 100 rows can easily be found by UiPath Click activity, and it clicks within 1 second.
However, 700-1000th rows are very difficult to find, and it takes 5-10 seconds to find one row.

This is unacceptably slow. It seems like UiPath is spending lots of time to find the element from the browser before clicking. Is there any way to make this faster?


You can adjust the timeout and set it to like 3 seconds on the find elemet activity properties and maybe also set wait until interactive

@tomato25 - have you tried using chrome browser?
if no - please try to use chrome browser and verify the response…

Hi @tomato25

Are you using an attach browser activity as well? If not, try including one…
Also, use the wait for ready property to interactive and see whether it makes any difference… :thinking:

I cannot use Chrome. For this operation, Chrome is not supported, so I am using IE. I was thinking it could be one of the causes of the slowness.

but if I set the timeout to be 3 seconds, anything that takes more than 3 seconds will be an error, right? That’s not what I want, because this operation has to be done, however long it takes.
But this is just unacceptably long.

Yes everything is in Attach Browser.

The below is the summary of my current situation:

  1. I am using IE (Chrome is not an available option)
  2. The Click activity is inside Attach Browser activity
  3. The “WaitForReady” property is set to “Interactive”

yet, it takes 5-10 seconds to process each row in the second half of the table.

What is the purpose of row click? Is it to go to a different page post the click?