Click activity is working only when executing with "slow step" option enabled

This is my selector:
html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Supportfirst’ /
webctrl tag=‘IMG’ idx=‘17’ /

and i am using click activity just wanted to know is there any proper way to perform actions on the element. like hmm… in selenium we’ve wait.until method to avoid this kind of problems.

sorry i know it’s a poor question. but i don’t have any other guid.

Try to pass some delay before click activity.


Change WaitForReady property from interactive to complete.

tried but i need a generic solution.

in terms of? See it may be many issues like

Your internet connection(Slow).
The selector click activity is looking is not loaded yet and uipath is already trying to find it on screen.
one alternative you can try to set waitforready atrribute to “complete”. //but this also sometimes does not work well.
uipath can only deal with elements when they will appear on the screen.

here in your case it is executing so fast but things are taking time to load. click activity is looking for the selector to find the specified element to click. if Dom elements are loaded then it will click on that. so to make cop up between things you have to pass delay.


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Tried but no luck :frowning:

does it throw an exception like selector not found while executing (normal speed mode )

@aksh1yadav thanks for your suggestion. the reason why i am hesitating delay is as you said, i don’t know how many elements in the dom having the same problem. if i apply delay then i’ve to identify all same like elements then have to apply the same. also as per my understanding delay is same as such Thread.sleep(); in java which will wait for specific time even the target element is ready before delay time. which might slow down the run.

Yes it Is but see you do not have to pass much delay just see their is propery in click acitivity delay before just pass some minor delay like 500.

and other thing just use with which you are facing this problem. rest it is able to find so no need of that :slight_smile: by default all activities consider a default wait time of 30 seconds if you are not mentioning it.


@aksh1yadav tried with minimal delay 500. out of 5 run it did passed once. which is clearly showing that we can’t relay on delay. we should have some activity which should keep polling for the specific element for the maximum wait limit that we mentioned and it has to break polling immediately once it finds the element.

You can use Onelement appears activity but it has also a timeout of 30 seconds by default :slight_smile:

@ddpadil yes correct.

By looking at the selector it has idx=17
We always try to get rid of idx ,maximum you can use utpo 2.
Use UiExplorer to get rid of idx by adding more reliable static attribute like parent id ,class…aaname etc

Throws error with slow step? as well ?

Well if it is selector issue then why it works with slow step debug mode?

Idx is useful depend on cases @ddpadil

@ddpadil the app that i am trying to automate is made up with java gui framework and it’s the biggest problem though. as this framework engine will keep generating the dynamic selectors (classic, id name., etc) for the each request of a page load.
idx=17 is works for me when do slow step run. problem is only normal run.

How about do as image base automation.
use image/hotkeys…etc and give a try

thanks @ddpadil as now i’ve managed with image.
thanks a lot buddy.

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