Inspecting an element of a browser to help with Click Selection activity

When selecting some buttons/headers in Salesforce, it takes UIPath a good 5-10 seconds to find the element… I’m wondering what I can do to speed up that process. I’ve tried more anchors, fewer anchors, and don’t really know what else I’d do, so I was thinking about the webpage elements themselves.

I’m not super familiar with HTML or UIPath, but I’m wondering if I’m able to inspect elements in a webpage, get the… information (not sure what the word would be) about that element, and then put that into the properties of a click activity?


(This is an example of what clicking ‘copy element’ brings up, I’m not sure what to do with that info within UIPath)

I was going to include a gif of me using UIPath and selecting the element, but it doesn’t give you much detail other than “it takes 5-10 seconds”. I’ve noticed that there are a few elements within the button, such as the whole button itself, the text, etc… Many elements on the pages for SF are found instantly, but a select few ALWAYS take this extended time to find.

Appreciate any insights you may have, thanks! :slight_smile:


With UI based activities that you find taking more time has a property called WaitForReady
Did we try setting that as None and ran the bot

Cheers @Joey_Sawyers

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I’ll give that a shot the next time I run it, still curious about selecting specific elements and such.

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