Finding and clicking on the text takes too long



Hello everyone,

I’ve been struggling with following situation - I have a table in IE where I need robot to click on specific variables (contract numbers), one by one, and download the attachment linked to them.

The problem is that it takes way too long until the robot finds the right variable on the page and clicks on it. It’s much slower than when user does it, it takes 20-30 seconds, but eventually it always finds it.
However this delay in clicking and downloading is unacceptable for me, can anyone give any advice?

Thanks in advance!



Why cant you use HTTP Request for downloading.

Refer this



Thank you, but I don’t think this solution is applicable due to security reasons and some web certificates. The files I am downloading don’t have direct URL.


Hey @MagdaB

Try changing the WaitForReady property to NONE!



Try by Reducing TImeOutMS property to 500 to 600.



It might be slow if you are using Find or Click Text, especially if you use OCR or Image activities.
So what I would normally suggest is use Click element and use the variable in the selector like for aaname for example.

That would be my suggestion, but I’m not completely sure what your issue is if that doesn’t help.



Thank you. I changed Click Text to Click element with variable in the selector, but it’s still quite slow :frowning:


Did you try changing WaitForReady to NONE or COMPLETE?