FindImage does not work with Hyper-V VM?


So, in one of the uipath videos, they show that you can use FindImage activity to wait for an icon to load. This way, you know that the page you are loading is finished. This is shown by using a virtual machine.

On youtube:

However, when I try to use FindImage, and I click on “Indicate image on screen”, and I select the icon that I’m interested in, using Firefox inside a Windows 10 VM, running on Hyper-V, nothing happens to the properties of FindImage activity. The validation error “Image must be set” is shown.

It’s like it does not register anything inside the VM.

When I try to use FindImage activity on my hostmachine, running Firefox, waiting for Amazon favicon to load, it works (it sets the property Target.Selector instead of Target.Element).

Any light on this?

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Hi @bmildh,

Find Image Activity wait fir certain image was load. You can use Image Exist inside theDo While loop by loop until the Image was found.

Michael Udhaya

Hi buddy @bmildh

For these cases we have an option called computer vision activities…
Kindly make use of them…go to manage packages and download computer vision activities from official tab

Cheers @bmildh

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Yes. I know. That is the behavior I want. Find Image will block until the target Image is found. When the webpage has loaded it will display the favicon in the tab of the browser. This will make my automation proceed to the next step.

However, If a create a blank sequence and drop in the FindImage activity, clicking “Indicate image on screen”, selecting the icon (inside the VM, just like the video), nothing happens. The activity itself does not register any changes to it’s properties.

First of all, use the Attach Window activity and indicate your VM machine. And change the method to indicate some other image instead of favicon image. Like the page logo or header. Also do check before run the code with ‘Highlight’ activity to check where it was indicte!

Thank you! Installing the AI Computer Vision Activities Pack was the thing that worked.

But this is pretty [moderated]. Like, this video, and the same video on the Level 1 - Foundation Training, It is not even mentioned anywhere that this package is required. And why is this not part of default, classic activities. Drives me crazy.

Anyway. Thank you for teaching me.

Fine…this was recently brought into uipath…so that would be missing aling the foundation training…but one we have a separate module in academy about this…named…AI Cimputer Vision …
Kndly check once with ou uipath academy…
Cheers @bmildh

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