Find the last cell with data and impute to the next cell

I can find the amount of lines that are filled in excel using:
read range

now my doubt is, how do I impute data in the next available line? knowing that I have 14 lines filled?

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Hi @Beatriz,

You can decide where to put data in the range selection:

If you put A14, it will take that as a starting point :slight_smile:

but I will have to impute several data for excel, I would do it in an automatic way, because I will not know how many rows excel has

You can replace the “A1” with something like that for dynamic value:

"A" + test.Rows.Count.ToString

text.xaml (5.7 KB)
Pasta1.xlsx (10.4 KB)

did not work, could you see if I’m doing something wrong?

he is not able to impute the word in the next available cell

It looks like the problem may be your spreadsheet. When I download it and check the number of rows UiPath is reading it was over 10K and there was text written several thousand rows after the bulk of the data. Clean this up and the method @loginerror described will work just fine (it’s working already in your automation actually). Clean up the spreadsheet and your issues should resolve themselves without much effort.

i have problem too. “test” is it VB? then should it be int32? then what activity should i do to declare the VB?