How to find empty row in an excel file then, write the content starts this row

Dear all,

i have an excel file, than i want to read data from another then write to this excel file. How could I find the empty row in excel file, and write data starts this empty file.
for example, starts row 6 is empty, how could i find this row is empty then write data to this row. then next loop the row 7 is empty ,do the same again

any body could help me ? thanks a lot in advance

I think you want to write the data after last row of file?
Because empty will not use if any other cell is empty in between then your data will be replaced…

  1. Read the Existing data using read range(Read with headers) let’s say varDT

  2. To write the data after the last row use “A”+(varDT.Rows.Count+2).ToString in the range of write range activity

hey dear sir
could you give me some demo code?

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Book1234.xlsx (8.5 KB) Main.xaml (6.8 KB)

Keep both file in same folder and run…