How to find Last used cell in Excel


Can anyone please advice how to find last used Cell into Excel sheet, i need to Copy and paste data.

Hi @nm09011985

1.Read the data in a datatable.
2. Use assign Newrange=Datatable.rows.count
to get the number of rows
3. New row : A+(NewRange+1).toString



Last used cell?

Or Last cell written with data, read that excel as a datatable, then convert the datatable columns count to excel column name, then add the row numbers+2, it is the last range used in the excel.

Hello Mukesh,

thnx for reply. i tried to do the activity as per your suggestion, but its not happening.
attached is the excel file from where i want to move second row from Input sheet into Success sheets after last used row.WO Template_Gaud South.xlsx (18.6 KB)

@nm09011985 Can you please clarify everytime you needs to take only second row from the input sheet ?

Yes Indra, everytime only second row need to move from Input sheet.


            1) First read  the excel file with sheet name **Input**  let us assume **dt**
            2) Append this **dt** to  the sheet name **Sucess**

Here is a zip file (34.8 KB)

Try this and let me know for further help.

Hello Indra,
there might be data already available in sheet Success so this dt will replace that.
i used CopyPaste method as per attached there in Destination cell i just need to find last used cell+1 and put this row there.Last Cell.7z (32.8 KB)

hey @nm09011985,

try this

‘range’ is integer variable and its evaluating next immediate row after last used row

Hey Prafull, its working for me.
thnx for help.

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