Excel filling

Hello, please help.

I have an excel file that is filled with information from other excel files every day.

the bot has to extract information from base files and paste it into a main file.

How can I make the bot write the information right in the next empty column?


That is, the bot begins to fill in the information from column 5, and in this way it will fill the file.

first, read range (dont tick “add headers”) into dt variable,

then set nextRow (integer) = dt.RowCount+1

next time you write range, write to “A”+nextRow.toString (will write to A5)

It is not always in A5, the range will increase.

The first empty row may be 6 or 20 , as time progresses the file will contain more information .

yes my answer is dynamic, if last row =6 ,it will fill row 7, if last row = 20 it will start from row21,

you can try it first

Main.xaml (10.5 KB)
this is what i mean

1st run (write to A1)
2nd run (will write to A4)

Hello @alexis.mendoza ,

You can also use Find First/Last row activity to find the last row and assign to a variable and you can use it in your range to append the data.

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i Don´t have this activity

Are you using the modern designer or classic? Go to project settings and enable Modern Design Experience.

i don´t have thi soption …

for my uipath version maybe

Can you plz update that to studio 2022.+ version.