Find Last row and Fill up data after it in the Excelsheet


I have an Excelsheet. In which data is around 3924 rows. I want to search 3925th row and fill up the data.
How to find immediate empty row (i.e.3925th row) and fill up the data.

Please help.

Thanks in advance


One simple way you can use if you are using Datatable then you can use add data row and add it into datatable.

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but this is daily task… so daily the number will be different

Hi @Chand,

There are two ways :

  1. Read the Entire Excel sheet as Data Table and Add Data Rows directly there and push it back to the same file. (I prefer this)

  2. Ui Based (Using Keystrokes)
    Go to Respective column > Press Ctrl + dwn > Enter Values > Press Tab > Enter Values and so on…


no prob by using read range always you will get all data into the datatable(whatever the amount- Datatable table limit is huge) and if you will add new row it will add into the end then write that result where you wants to :slight_smile: