Find text exist in UIPath

HI, I want to search “Top Questions” in the screen below.

Then if it found, message box show message “yes” and “no” if it is not found.

However, the message box always come up with message “no”.
Any body can tell me what is wrong with my workflow? or can anybody share how to use text exist in UIPath?

attached my code : Main.xaml (6.4 KB)

Tried it. But not sure why its acting so strange :thinking:.
Text Exist working for single word.(Till now never worked with chrome.Try with IE.(at lease for me) :stuck_out_tongue: )
It’s able to find out if i give either Top or Question but no together Top Questions.
@qateam any thought ?

Hi ddpadil,

Even we are facing tha same issue, I tried with Single word as well, i didn’t worked for me.


The issue is still there. Activity Find Text Position (UiPath.Core.Activities.FindText) works only for a single word and not for full sentences.

After some testing, it also fails to find “°C” but does find “°”.

In my opinion it should be adjusted to properly find full sentences (including special characters).