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Halo semua,
perkenalkan nama ku gilang, aku baru 2 bulan ini belajar uipath.

Aku mohon bantuan nya, aku ingin membuat automation seperti ini.
Mencari teks yang kita inginkan lalu klik teks tersebut.

aku menggunakan hot key ctrl + f lalu type into, dan sudah terhighlight, tetapi gimana cara nya agar kita bisa klik sesuai dengan highlight yang kita cari.

terima kasih.

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Hi @gilang_ramadhan123

You can try with find text poaition activity

it will work like

  • You need to indicate on the whole page or particular area of the page and find text position will find the position of that uielement within(inside) the area that you have indicated and output will be returned as uielement so you can just pass this variable in the click properties (in Element )

    No need of selector in the click activity this uielement will act as your selector



attaching thread for your refe


okey thank you, i’ll try

Hi guys, i was try use find text posisition and click on it, but it does’nt worked.
i want to find the vessel name like MSC DAVAO III/HW241R and click on the name and then it will be selected. like this

please help me @Sudharsan_Ka

this is inspection the website.

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hI @gilang_ramadhan123

Can you unselect the msc… option and indicate on that msc option and open the uiexplorer and send the screenshot here?


if we have selected, we cant unselect it, but we can change the option.
before selected


i change the selected

i use find text position, and

I’m having trouble capturing the screen, because the validation always failed

Hello @gilang_ramadhan123
Welcome to Uipath community…!

Can you please give more insight into your requirement? Instead of Find Text what is the challenge in using the selector itself?


what if Port of discharge more than 1 ? other than valencia.
i loop data from excel

Apapa Seaport

ho do i use data scraping ? for other destination, and certainly name of vessel is different


So first i have changed the modern design experiance to classic design

Then i have done Data Scrapping and that you aware of i think

Then Lookup Datatable to find the index(Number of the row)

If condition to check if the datatble has the row available in the Datatable

  • Assign RowIndex+1 because normaly lookupdatatble will leave the headers while it giving you the index so if we use without incrementing it will be selecting the before one

  • Click activity and used Dynamic Selectors with idx attribute


Data scrapping will works dynamically so no problem you can use the same one @gilang_ramadhan123

You need to change the lookup value dynamically
You need to use the value like CurrentRow(“ColumnName”).ToString

okeyy sir, thank you so much,I will study harder

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If your query resolved kindly close the topic by marking the solution @gilang_ramadhan123

okey sir …

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