Why bother with a GUI select if it doesn't copy the text?

I tried a text exists activity for the first time, and I had the option to select onscreen, but then when I tried to debug it, it said I needed to enter in the text. So… what was the point of using the regular GUI select tool? Does it select something else that needs to be selected?

You need to provide the text you’re expecting in that field. In other words, if the activity scrapes that selector, I assume you’re looking for the text “No report found for this vendor <can’t see the rest> specified.” So you need to know exactly what text comes from scraping the data in this dialog box.

I selected the txt with the mouse pointer, and UIPath acknowledged the selection. As far as I could tell, that meant that UIPath copied the text to compare to. Which, now in hindsight, it clearly did not. Therefore, when i selected the text with the mouse cursor, it did something. What did it do, if not selecting and copying the text? Why is that important?

To copy text, use the Get Text activity, rather than Text Exists.

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Can you read this?

It clearly says you must enter the text to search for the given UI.
Whatever you indicate in the activity is just the area/Selector in which bot has to search for.
In that specific area what you need to check is what you have to provide. it will not capture the text from the UI element you indicate.