Find text in web application



HI, I want to automate process in my website depends on user input. Let say UI path forum website.

I know I can use like element exist or any othe function. But, what I want is, I have another application where the user can type what he want to search.

so if the input from user is “Categories”, then my UIPath can search in the screen if there is “Categories” in the screen. I have tried using “Text Exist” function, but it was failed.


Anyone can suggest which function I should use?


Hope you have indicated on screen.
Are you using chrome?
Not sure why it’s not working for Chrome.
Try with IE. works like charm :slight_smile:


I tried using both IE and Chrome. But still can’t find the text.
I also indicate the screen and failed.


here we go.
findcategory.xaml (8.2 KB)