Find Image Only Works when logged into VM but not in Orch


I’m having issues with the ‘Image’ activities. They work flawlessly when I am logged into the VM but not when I try to run the robot from the Orchestrator as a back-office robot. Has anyone had similar issues?

Hi @ramirezp,

A few recommendations for you:

  • Please make sure the resolution is consistent among your environments.

  • The account used in Orchestrator to execute the process should have Interactive access

  • Use could use Launch Interactive workflow active for the specific sequence where you use image based activities

Hope this helps!


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Hi @ramirezp

I had the same issue when i was trying out something once. Ultimately the problem was with the resolution just like @PD2 mentioned. I changed the resolution to the usual one i used previously and it was working perfectly afterwords… this same thing happened again when my screen was on extend mode with another big monitor. Again resulted the same. Removing that worked fine…