Element Exist performane is too slow in ui path

Hi All,

In project we are using 3 more element exist activity while running the bot its taking more time and too slow.

  1. We have set Timeout is less than 3 sec in this case bot is unable to find the element .
    Is there any way to improve the performance?

Could you please help us?

@ajay.kumar Element Exists by default it takes around 30 secs to find the Element, If it takes more time than it means it is unable to find the element… The Element exists activity depends on the UiElement, Can you tell us why would you want it to identify the Element in just 3 secs? Or Can you describe the Element that you want to be detected?

@ajay.kumar yes usually it takes own time to identify element on screen regardless of the timeout property instead use pick branch activity for those 3 different elements exists