Find Children Option & For Each in Workflow

I am working on automation to pull data from a website that has a drop-down menu. I know I can use the “select item” and choose the item I would like, but I would like to select an item in the list and download the data. Then I would like to select the next item in the list and download the data, so on and so forth until I’ve reached the end of the list. I was able to find some ideas on using “Find Children” and “For Each in Workflow”, but it doesn’t appear StudioX has this functionality. Is there a way to do it in StudioX?

Hey, @Brandon_Friedlander! Going to the solution! I used the website (Becas - Inscrever-se para as) to test!

→ Dropdown example:

  • Conclusion: I will check this solution in StudioX and back to give you the answer in this scenario.

@gabrielribas4 I appreciate the feedback and this appears to be close to what I would like to do. Any feedback for this process in StudioX is greatly appreciated.

Hi @gabrielribas4 what is the children activity to use for excel