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Hello guys, I want to select each item from this dropdown one by one and I don’t know how to approach this because I want to use this on multiple pages and the dropdown items are different on each page…

Any idea?


Hi @Ionut_Frincu ,

Try to use find children activity to get all the records from the drop down before processing then loop and choose all the drop down value one by one.


Hello @arivu96, thanks for your response.

I already tried, but it’s not working, do you have an idea why?

Thank you!

filter is missing

Hi @Ionut_Frincu,

You can’t directly use item.tostring in select item activity. Try to get the value using get attribute activity and pass the value in select item.


have alook here:

Kindly note: A dropdown can be occur in different ways

  • Select/Option
  • input / datalist
  • webframework constructs of input, UL/LI, Select/Option

so also check for which type you got in your case

Hy @ppr, thanks for your response, but I don’t understand how can I extract the items from dropdown to put them in select activity…

do it one by one

  • find children - will return you a collection of selectItems

  • with a for each activity we can loop over the found items

  • the text from item we get with get Attribute activity (passing the uielement ar from loop)
    Or: YourUiElementFromLoopVar.Get(“innertext”).toString

Got it, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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