"Find Children" "Select Item" from a drop down list

Hello Everybody,

Currently I’m trying to download data from “Agriculture Marketing” this website. Where first I have to select commodity from a drop-down list and then I have to select year from a drop-down list and then I have to select month from a drop-down list then i have to click on submit button and then i have to click on the export to excel button.

So, i want to automate the whole process so that i get data of each commodity for every year and of every month.

so i decided to put the months drop-down list into the Find Children activity and then i applied For Each Loop but i’m facing problem in fetching all the months from the list as the select item activity is selecting the label of the drop-down list.


Please help me in getting all the data for all the commodity for every year and every month.



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Once try with Select Item activity and check whether it is identifying that drop down element or not.

@lakshman sir i already tried the Select Item activity but its not fetching the list and it getting stuck on the label name of the drop -down list as its the first element in the drop-down list.Drop-down_list . Please help me out


If you indicate this drop down item with Select Item activity what error are you getting here ?

@lakshman As its not selecting any month from the drop-down list the website is throwing error

how to make the for each loop iterate through all the elements of the drop-down list.

Hi @Mehboob_Zeirdi

Why you did not provided any value for the Month select item activity in the image you posted

it should be any variable having any month name as data or any static month name right?

Pardon but i didn’t get you.

These is my work and i need help in starting the select item from the second element to the last please help me.

Hi @Mehboob_Zeirdi,

try this workflow
FindChildren.xaml (9.3 KB)

Hi there @Mehboob_Zeirdi

If you are developing this workflow you need to have three nested loops (1. Commodity 2. year 3. Month)

I am not sure about the application but isnt there a simpler way to achieve this, have you explored the application fully to understand any underlying features that might help you achieve this with less complexity?

I am not saying it isnt doable it will take some time to tinker around the process plana nd then make it a success, that all :slight_smile:


PS : Almost forgot, as there seems to be many commodities and for each commodity the website reacts very slowly so it is better to use multi-bot approach, storing the commodity or all months in a queue and then running it in different VMs for faster results. If you do it one by one it will be “commodityYearmonth” number of iterations your bot will either run a very long time making it seem like forever or fail if the website becomes non-responsive due to so many requests.

Actually sir it should have three nested loops, but as i’m a fresher i just wanted to try for one drop-down list first. Do you know how i can skip the first element of the drop-down list.

did you try my workflow?

Not sure I understand what do you mean by skip the first element… Your question seemed to be different, it talked about the process as a whole, are you having selector problems or do you want to leverage find children activity for your ‘process’?


There is an activity called select item activity and I just used it - it works like a charm with the website URL you have supplied.

Hi @Raghavendraprasad

even I tried all the select item activities are working fine for the site provided

This workflow is to demonstrate how to loop drop down by using find children not a complete solution.

Yup - the original poster can either use select item and keep all items in a config file and iterate through it or find children will have three nested loops for which a logic has to be built - find children approach will be dynamic whereas the config file should be revisited whenever the data is updated int he commodity.
@Karun @Mehboob_Zeirdi

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Yes sir, i tried your workflow but its showing all the months on a popup window.
And i want a particular month to be selected then click on submit and download the file.
And this should be done for all the months using for each loop.

I’m trying to iterate the drop-down list for all the months and want to fetch the data “https://agmarknet.gov.in/PriceTrends/SA_Pri_Month.aspx” .
Please have a look at the website and let me know.

its not selecting the month??

Yes i did this but my question is totally different, i don’t wanna show any pop-ups but have to proceed further with the selected month and complete the download process and have to do it for all the months in the drop-down list.