Find Children- How to get Uielement for Hidden data

Hi , I am using Find children activity to get all Uielements for children in desktop application.

but getting uielements for only visible line items( you can refer attached screen - can see 5 lines, but more line items are there)

and was using below selector and properties as shown below.

Can anyone help to get all child uielements from the screen.


Can you post the selectors of forth and fifth elements in the list @rajsekhar?

@HareeshMR you meant in filter?

No, As I understand, you want to get and click on all the values which are there in the drop down right?

So, Please post the selector

Please find below selector

wnd app=‘’ ctrlname=‘Accounts’ />
wnd cls=‘WindowsForms10.Window.*’ title=‘Accounts.APOTHINS’ />
wnd ctrlname=‘fraDragDrop’ />
wnd ctrlname=‘fraOtherNamedInsureds’ />
wnd ctrlname=‘vlvwOtherNamedInsureds’ />
ctrl name=‘vlvwOtherNamedInsureds’ role=‘list’ />
ctrl name=‘11801671’ role=‘list item’ />