Find Children- How to get Uielement for Hidden data

Hi , I am using Find children activity to get all Uielements for children in desktop application.

but getting uielements for only visible line items( you can refer attached screen - can see 5 lines, but more line items are there)

and was using below selector and properties as shown below.

Can anyone help to get all child uielements from the screen.


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Can you post the selectors of forth and fifth elements in the list @rajsekhar?

@HareeshMR you meant in filter?

No, As I understand, you want to get and click on all the values which are there in the drop down right?

So, Please post the selector

Please find below selector

wnd app=‘’ ctrlname=‘Accounts’ />
wnd cls=‘WindowsForms10.Window.*’ title=‘Accounts.APOTHINS’ />
wnd ctrlname=‘fraDragDrop’ />
wnd ctrlname=‘fraOtherNamedInsureds’ />
wnd ctrlname=‘vlvwOtherNamedInsureds’ />
ctrl name=‘vlvwOtherNamedInsureds’ role=‘list’ />
ctrl name=‘11801671’ role=‘list item’ />