How to extract child elements from a selected UiElement

I have been trying to read the Application names in Windows Task Manager using FindChildren activity. The steps followed are as below.

  1. Use Find Children activity with selector ponting to Apps group section. Filter set to “”
  • I tried to use a more specific filter which point to application name. But failed to get any tags inside.
  1. Loop through the UiElements received

I was trying to figure out whether we can access the elements within each UiElement iterated with above loop.

Found a method called findAll, findFirst. But I am unable to figure out how to use those functions. Tried to call it over the looped item, but I am stucked in how to create a Selector variable used in these methods.

Can someone tell me;

  1. whether it is possible to do what I have been trying to do?
  2. How to create a Selector variable to use in findAll method?
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Correct me If I have misunderstood the problem. See attached sample -

Main.xaml (8.2 KB)

If you have opened task manager it will give you the names of all the applications

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Sorry for the late reply. I could get it worked by applying the same Find Children option on each UiElement returned from the outer loop. Don’t know why I couldn’t get it work that time. Maybe some mistake at my end. Thanks for you support though…:slight_smile: