UiElement - how get all children?

Please help,
I have collection of UI Elements (IEnumerable <UiElement) and need to filter them.
if UIelemnt contains children which has the aaname attribute with string “example” i need to save it.

how get allChildren from the UiElement? then I would be able use for/each and GetAttribute…
I use FindChildren activity, but don’t know how to write correct filter if I need all children.

or there is more ellegant solution?
Thank you.

Hi @yaniketz

Can this help you?

You can just use '‘Find Children’ activity with the target which has all the childrens you may want to get. Your filter can just contain "<webctrl />" unless you may want to filter only the childrens that qualifies the filter selector. Once you get those children you can use ‘For Each’ loop and use ‘Get Attribute’ with the attribute name as aaname.

Rammohan B.


Thank you! You saved my time.

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Thank you for this.

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