After find children activity how to click on ui element which is not visble on screen

I want to click on ui element of find children which is not visible on screen.


Have tried with get attribute?


Hi @Alok_Dwivedi , Can you explain me with screen shot.
My undrstanding is that you want to click from drop down option?

Yes i used get attribute inside loop of find children for visible or not but it is not working.

Yes i have 22ui element in find children and most of them is not visible on screen and i want to click one of them. i attached screen shot of my code.


You don’t need to keep this inside the for each. for the particular data to select you need open this in UiExplorer and choose innertext inside that keep the items which you wants to use.

now take for each and pass the get attribute output in for each this will iterate through the items

on clicking activity open ui explore and search the value ( the folder name).

i tried this but in this error is occurred can you please send me a example or screen shot i think that will help me alot.


could you please explain me the scenario. what exactly your requirement is?


I have 22 elements one of them will come through the input which i passed as argument and i have to click on that but most of them’22’ is not visible on screen so i have to scroll down and when i got exact element than use click.

Hi @Alok_Dwivedi ,

It is one of the basic hierarchy mechanism for some of the application mostly we could see this pattern on ERP application and account to recievable and payable.

In my opinion we don’t need to go for find children. Instead of that whatever option you want to select use click activity and double click to open invisible element under that main element and use send hot key down to to select the correct element and double click to open the specific application.

We are using same logic for one of the ERP application in our organisation. Thanks.

I think we’re getting a bt off track of the core question. The way I read this topic:

You use find children to get a # of elelemts.
You attempt to click on an element that is not visible, which fails.

There are 2 scenarios of a non-visible element.

  • it’s out of the boundries of the screen
  • it is not rendered (through style sheet attributes for example)

Clicking on them is still possible, but not by using hardware clicks. Set you input method to ‘simulate click’ and the click is executed, providing the ui-element is compatible with this method.

Note, that in the 2nd scenario, the event handlers might not register a click on a non active element. It’s hidden for a reason.

Should all of this fail, there is still the option of scrolling in your UI, but I do not recommend that, it’s messy and unstable in most cases if your number of records is very fluctuating.

Second scenario i have but i am not getting your point how can i click on that element.

no this not working.

Well as said… the element is not visible in the UI, probably for a reason. It might not be clickable at all. What is it you want to accomplish by clicking something that from a UI point of view is not there at all?

@Jeroen_van_Loon i am not saying that element is not visible in ui i am just saying element is not visible on screen i will share screen shot i think you can understand better from that.

in this screen shot there are 22 elements but in the process most them is not visible on screen and i have to click on one of them.

Hi @Alok_Dwivedi , Its better you go with Kirankumar said opening folder one by one.
that particular folder has 22 folder than use for each activity and use “Directories.getfolder” it will show all files or folder available inside the folder
Use If condition to match your folder to open.

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Thanks for everyone i got solution. :upside_down_face:

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Hey @Alok_Dwivedi can you share the idea of the solution. :smiley: