Want to use find children activity for finding ui elements in the web page, how can I do it

Hi I am trying to use find children activity for finding the ui elements, any idea on how to select the below options shown image using find children activity

I need to select the name column using find children activity, the selectors should be come from find children output

Here in this scenario we can use FIND ELEMENT if we need the uielement as output of a specific element

Here you go on how to use it

Cheers @Funky_Monks

Hi @Funky_Monks

Refer to the link:


Tq gokul but this is not what I was looking for, anyways tqq for help @Gokul001

@Palaniyappan sorry, I can’t use any other only need to use this find children and need to select the name by using find children output

Like after getting the find children output I need to use for loop and get the name attributes

Hi @Funky_Monks,

Use find children activity to fetch the Ui element and then use Get Attribute activity inside for each to get specified value. By changing the type argument of for each to uipath.core.uielement.


Fine then here you go how to use FIND CHILDREN ACTIVITY

cheers @Funky_Monks