Find cell with String Value and get no. of row, name of column



Hi all,

I have file excel below. I am begining in learn with Uipath.
And now, i want to find cell which have title is “S.TL” (I10)
and copy data from I11 to I17 and paste to CSV.
Like picture below.

Please help me how to find cell and get position’s information.
002090_000003_A.xlsx (146.1 KB)

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Open the excel file go to cell A1 (using send hot key ctrl+g and type into provide the reference as A1), after that again you can send hot keys as ctrl+f and the find the text S.TL. once you found the text you can click on to the name box and get the value using get text… this will give the value I10 then you can use read range and provide the range in between the value you got how many rows you want to extract… -> extracted result will be the data table and you can write the data table directly to the csv


Thank for your help,
I want to write program without using hot key.
Do you have any other way?



using read range activity read the sheet -> Range mention as “B10”-> check add headers then you will get the datatable.
from that datatable you can get the “S.TL” Column alone so we can write it into separate sheet.



Thank Arivu,

I am trying to get position’s information of cell have title “S.TL” by message box like below.
Now I can only find value text cell by each row and get no. of column (But not correct, first cell show to me message box is “column5”).
If we have correct no. of column, how to change to name such as “I10” or get no. of row or name of column.
This my file is testing.
TestFindPosition.xaml (14.2 KB)
Please help to check.


How to check "value exists" in a cell in excel?


instead of finding cell you can get the the all data to datatable and you can write into another sheet what column you want it right.
i hope this is the easiest way. no need to open excel sheet and finding the position



Thanks Arivu,

I need get position’s information of cell.
I am working on Excel, sometime location of the cell is important.
Please tell me Can we do it?



can you go through this post, its may be helpful for you. @ClaytonM


Finding Cell Position of a specific value

Thank Arivu,

I will ask him how to do.
Because I don’t known how to do like him.


i understand his question as he wants to know the cell value of excel not from datatable… @AKY please correct me if am wrong.


Hi @Divyashreem,

yes exactly correct,
i said try to read from the excel to datatable from there try to get row and column value.
And also he know only search text alone but don’t know about end position so i suggested like read as datatable then check for the column name and write that column alone in superate sheet.



Hi @AKY,

Its not good idea @aky my suggestion is go read the excel sheet and get into datatable, after that find the column name, so you can get the detail exactly.

@Divyashreem any suggestions from your end???

If you are finding in excel means may be you ll get multiple value also and you don’t know how you ll find the last position I17. So think and do.



genuine solution


Hi @Divyashreem,
Hi @arivu96,

Thanks all, i will try your way. I will report the result after done .


Hi @arivu96
Hi @Divyashreem

Until now i can get number of row, name of column by this way:


Hi @AKY ,

I am new to Uipath:-)

Have you find any solution for this, if yes, could you please help me with this?? I have same requirement!