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Stuck on a part of work needed some urgent help.
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My Problem statement is :
For example :

Suppose there is a excel sheet with data starting from say A7 , so the headers are on the line A7 the headers can be ex. cost, unit,item,totalproductcost

I want the cell value of column name “totalproductcost”
for example i used :-

Convert.tochar(65+Dt.columns.indexof(“totalproductcost”)) this would give me the poistion of cell like E or F but i want the exact cell position of column totalproductcost, as here can be seen is “E7”

Any leads would be appreciated.
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@Palaniyappan @arivu96 @ppr Do you guys have any idea .

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For mapping int to Excel column name following is very helpfully

For Retrieving the Row and Col Index for the fist occurence of totalproductcost find starter help here:
DT_GetRowIdxColIdx_ByValue.xaml (8.7 KB)


Hi @Shikhar_Tandon ,

Here is the activity called “Find”. It has the output as Cell Info and rowindex. Like E7 as Cell Info and 7 as row index.


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@ppr Got this xaml , but it giving output as in terms of row number and column number , i want is the cell number like i told E7 for totalproductcost, not getting it on how to get this. Can you please help .

Also when i am using read range and searching this column “totalproductcost” from excel it is giving ‘Not Found’ always.

Thankyou !! for your efforts !!

Try to use LookUp Range
It will give You the Cell Position in which that word present.


help me

Yes it is correct. starter help is returning indexes on Datatable base.
But in the post and also in demo comments a description is given on how to map to an EXCEL range:

  • Using the workflow from the Connect Platform (see post above) to map integer to excel column letter.
  • adding 1 to overcome 0 based Index to 1 based index

However @balupad14 gave a hint that the same task can be done within the EasyExcel Activities. So I would suggest to first check, if it will work for you or not

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sure we will help you, just open a new topic for your case

I have opened my topic I will share the link
[this my link thankss] (Have many files and saved into one file)

Tried this But got no luck :frowning:
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thank you very much