How to put variables into the function with "invoke VBA"?



Hi all,

I am using the VB function to search the cell address in excel.
This is my program VBA:

Some function is ok like FindAddressOfActiveCell().
But when using a function that has variable values put in is not good.
I tried many times but failed.

Please help me in learn.

Thank all.

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findcelladdressEntry Method Name

{“color”,“A1:B99”}Entry Method Parameters (modify quotes for range)


Hi vvaidya,

i tried with quotes for range. It not work.
And i tried with another method.

It still error.


Are you able to retrieve the parameters in the script. Keep a message box and check.

What is the error you are getting?

fyi…no quotes for brackets



Good. Sorry for not understand your help.
Untill now it work.
Many Thanks to you.