How to find the particular cell value position in datatable

Hi Guys.I have two sheets in excel file.In first sheet only one column is there.In second sheet contains a large amount of data.First I have to pick the each column cell value in first sheet.And have to go to the second sheet to search for the same value and get the position of the cell.Can anyone help me please.Thanks in advance

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Hi @sandhyak9
If you read your first sheet with Read range, so the output will be a datatable, and then for each row you use Get row item, you can use later the below threads:

for v2018.2:

Check this file.
Main.xaml (10.8 KB)

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Thank you @Karthick_Settu.your code is working.But I have a problem now.Actually In sheet1,there is only column consists different cell values.Each cell value has a set of Child cell values in sheet2.Now,I have to pick up first cell value from sheet1.And have to come to Sheet2 and pickup the first child cell value.And then back to Sheet1,have to pickup the Second cell value,and go to sheet2 to pickup the first child value of the Second Cell Value.Like this,Once all the Cell values have completed,again it have to go to pick up first cell value of sheet1,then go to sheet2 and pick up the Second child cell value.Like this,Loop has to work.Can you Please help me on this.Sheet2Sheet1

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