Filter option in GetOutlookMailMessages

I need to filter the mails by multiple senders in Getoutlookmailmessages activity.
I used
“@SQL=(”“”" like ‘%“+in_Domains+”%’)"
in filter option. My in_Domains argument contains “;”. But it is failing to retrieve the mails.
Could you please help me with the argument initialization?

Hi @t.chilmakuri

Have you tried giving wildcard cahracters like “*;”

Refer to this link : How to filter messages in Get outlook mail messages

I need to filter mails from multiple Domains.
Example, I got mails from these domains:,,
But I need to retrieve only the mails from gmail and yahoo.

Well lets go with get all mail messages approach.

  1. get all outlook mailmessages.
  2. Get mailObject.sender email address.
  3. Either check for @gmail or @yahoo email address
  4. Add the items to collections

This should be fairly straightforward.