Getoutlookmail activity filter by domains

Hi, I’m trying to apply multiple filters for different domains.

For example, I have multiple domains:
and so on

I would like to get mails only from the specific domains.

Currently I’m using this filter:

But this only works with one domain.
How can I filter multiple domains?

Have you tried using OR operator

Just try whether the Or operator works or not

"@SQL=" + Chr(34) + "" + Chr(34) + " like '' OR " + Chr(34) + "" + Chr(34) + " like ''"

Hi @Joanne_Chang_LAX

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Try this way

currentItem.SenderEmailAddress.Contains("") OR currentItem.SenderEmailAddress.Contains("")

I hope it helps!!

I would suggest one solution which is actually Generic solution and less loaded also.
Make a separate folder in Outlook Account.
Set rule for this folder as who can send mails for this folder.
When you will give 3 email addresses to it. You will get all emails to it.

Then Read that folder without any filter.

It is not my folder, but a company folder, so I cannot change their outlook categorization settings

Oh ok.
Let me check filter for you

When I do:

it gave me error message “Cannot parse condition” when I run the project

Hi, thanks for your help, but I don’t want to get all the mails first before filtering, because there are more than 1000 mails to process, and I’m afraid that will take too much time.


Once try this

“[senderemailaddress] = ‘’ or [senderemailaddress] =‘’”

I want to filter by domain, which is the parts behind the at, not sender