Applying filters in Get Outlook Messages



My use case was to try and filter Outlook mail messages based on senders email domain. The filter should be able to filter all the following mails ‘ ;;’ etc. The set users who send mails are not defined.

I did not want to iterate each mail in for loop to use mailmessage.from and was particular to use the filter option in the ‘Get MailMessages’ activity. I had a tough tiome finding the solution and wanted to share with you all the same.


Use DASL query in the filter field. Most of the links in web will only give you option to filter the subject. Here is the only link that gave me other options that I could use in the query.

Finally my query looked like this :slightly_smiling_face:
@SQL”+Chr(34)+“urn:schemas:httpmail:fromemail”+Chr(34)+“like ‘’”

I cant get wildcarts to work on filters in mail messages