How to filter messages in Get outlook mail messages

Siva Senthil
May 10, 2016 12:42 ANSWERED
I can retrieve messages using the activity “Get outlook mail messages”. However, I do not understand how to use the Filter property of the activity. What is the syntax of the VB Expression to use there?


Robert Dima June 08, 2016 13:26

In the “Filter” property of the “Get outlook mail message” activity you need to use a syntax.

Here is a link where you can find all the syntaxes available for this property.

Mainly the Jet Syntax of Outlook query.

Hope this helped.


Momoo Dieng October 03, 2016 15:38

i’m working with UiPath and i want to Filter emails with Get outlook mail message. I already took a look here : Chapter 11: Searching Outlook Data | Microsoft Docs -

but i can’t find the right syntax. Can someone help me to get an example of filter.

For example: i want to get all emails which the subject contains the string “Incident”.

Udaykumar Gaikwad Today at 11:59

You can use Following syntax for filter in Filter Property.

“[subject]=‘Uipath demo’”

“[From]=‘Uipath Helpdesk’”.


Thanks. Can you give me a hint on how to access the mail i got from the filter.
If I filter the mail by subject and I have to assign ex. the sender to a variable.

What is the exact syntax for the VB expression in the assign element in uipath ?

Hi you two @vvaidya and @aksh1yadav are the best, so thought to ask you directly.

I wants retrive the mail from the x user .
how to do that.?
I tried with get outlook mail activity “filter option”
but filter is not working or i may be wrong while initializing.
“[From]=‘Uipath Helpdesk’”
please help me to put the condition.

thanks in advance.

Your filter works fine for me (can you double check the name)

I think the From Name is : UiPath Help Desk based on the emails I got from them.(if that’s the user you want to filter)


can you tell me how to retrieve mail according to date using filter properties of "Get Outlook Message"

simple just initialize [received]:"" in filter property.
For more customization on date parameter,
please go through the below link as mentioned by @UiRobot

can you please elaborate the syntax for filtering current date as I am trying to filter today’s date but not getting it.

Hi. Is it possible to put more than one filter? Meaning can I filter both [subject] and [from]?


I am facing a similar problem. I would like to filter my get oulook email activity by subjects. Using the filter “[subject]=‘Request*’” does not work.
I also tried the for each and if activity combination (see screenshot).

Thanks a lot for your help.

Contains should not have an asterisk.
Either use item.Subject.Contains("Request") or item.Subject Like "Request*"

More on Like operator:


Thanks, any idea on why the filter “[Subject]=‘Request*’” didnt work?
also asterisk issue?

Partially. In current implementation only strict filters (no wildcards) can be made. You can search other topics on the forums, it was already discussed a couple of times.

Hi @vvaidya

could you tell me, In which version of UiPath was worked?


"[From]=‘Uipath Helpdesk’"

This should work in all versions.


Hi @vvaidya

Could pls send me any usecase xaml file if you have , because it is not working in my case.

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Could you please send me any xaml file for filtering mails based on received date.