Getoutlookmail activity filter by multiple domains

Hi, I’m trying to apply multiple filters for different domains, my previous post got accidentally flagged as advertisement, which is why I had to start a new one.

For example, I have multiple domains:
and so on

I would like to get mails only from the specific domains.

Currently I’m using this filter:

But this only works with one domain.
How can I filter multiple domains?

Hi @Joanne_Chang_LAX

Try this it is working

ListMail=ListMail.Where(Function(mail) mail.From.Address.ToLower().EndsWith("") Or mail.From.Address.ToLower().EndsWith("")).ToList()

I hope it helps!!


"[SenderEmailAddress] LIKE '' OR [SenderEmailAddress] LIKE ''"

Try this one in Get outlook mail message activity


Please try this

"@SQL=urn:schemas:mailheader:fromemail IN '' OR urn:schemas:mailheader:fromemail IN ''


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