Filter excel table with wildcard *

i need to know how to filter datatable with a non exact value.

my value can be V510090923 or 517777773 for example but wild card is no valid here or just does not works as i expect…
is there any solution maybe writing the filter in an assign, in this case how should i write it?



Can we get your spreadsheet please?
we could try to make other workaround if this does not let us allow to do our work :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets assume we can filter on datatable base after readin the excel

Regex can help:

Using following LINQ can do the filtering:

(From d in yourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable
Where Regex.IsMatch(d(“Ubicacionhabitual”).toString, “V?51\d+”)
Select d).CopyToDataTable

We can add additional filter criteria as well. Unfortuately we cannot refer to the details by checking the screenshot.

Ensure following:

Handling empty filterresult:

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