How to Exact Match values of Excel Column using Filter Datatable

I am trying to filter exactly only “tcp-22” from the service column. I used filter datatable to get the required data, but problem is that I only need the values “tcp-22”, but I also get other values such as ‘tcp-2242’, “tcp-2222” in the results.

Any idea how to get only the exact data that is required?

Attached are my sample excel sheet and Filter DataTable screenshot.
Appreciate any help.

filter DataTable

hey @dheer159
use “=” instead of contains method.

Thanks Nilay.
If we use “=” then the data from ‘Rule 2’ and ‘Rule 4’ is not able to see in the output. It only matches then the cells which only contains ‘tcp-22’

hey @dheer159
Try “service” endswith “p-22”

Thanks Nilay,
I Tried “service” endswith “p-22”, however, the issue with this method is all the cells which has “tcp-22” in the beginning, then those rows are not captured.

For example, using “ends with ‘p-22’”, will not capture “Rule No. 8” from below screenshot

Use end with -22

give a try to extract with Regex tcp-22 and only when it is sourrounded by the \b
meaning of \b: assert position at a word boundary: (^\w|\w$|\W\w|\w\W)


But better to do this with a LINQ:

(From d In dtData.AsEnumerable
Where Regex.IsMatch(d(0).toString, "\btcp-22\b")
Select d).CopyToDataTable


Handling empty result:

I am try but its showing the source xontain no data row could you please share any workflow example i appreciate

Rule pc-22 excel.xlsx (11.7 KB)
please find the excel file

Thanks Peter, Could you please share your xaml file where you have tested this sample excel.
Appreciate your help.

find xaml here:
FilterExactMatch_WithRegexIsMatch.xaml (9.0 KB)

did test it with the Excel from @Aleem_Khan
Rule pc-22 excel.xlsx (11.7 KB)

result on excel input:

just check the column index or name from the statement. Maybe from there the issue is caused

Thank You very much Peter.
Your code worked… :slight_smile:

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