Using wildcard characters in Filter datatable wizard

Hi, everyone. I am currently using the filter datatable wizard to filter a datatable. Can anyone suggest me how can i use the * wildcard character to filter the rows, i am attaching a screenshot for the same:
Current value: “PFTDOM_”+item.toString
Required value:“PFTDOM_”+item.toString+"*"(or something like that, so that it finds every possible occurrence from the table.
Like :PFTDOM_ITes_1 or PFTDOM_ITed_21.etc.

giv a try on:


using an assign activity
to: output_table

(from d in ExtractDataTable.AsEnumerable
Where d(“V_BATCH_ID”).toString.Trim.StartsWith(“PFTDOM_” + item.toString)
Select d).CopyToDataTable

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