Filter data Table with wildcards

Hey guys.
I have a problem to filter my Excel Data Tabel.

First i open Excel and use “Read Range” to get a new Data Table.
Then i use a “For each Row” activity and a “get row Item” to get the first Value in Row 1 and Column 1!
Now the program have to filter the Data Table with a “Filter Data Table” activity.
The Value of the first row is 1 and the output of the filter should be 1 and 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 … and so on.
But not 1.2.x.

So i used “Column Name” = Var + “.?”
and “Column Name” = Var
I want 1 and 1.? < any number, but only one number!

How can i tell the “Filter-Assistent” to work with Wildcards! (only one number).
Thanks 4 help!